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BGT Recruiting & Consulting, Inc

BGT is a woman-owned, veteran-owned company with a wealth of educational and professional experience to bring to the table.

Our Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Listings Management

HireUp Knox

Connecting individuals to the Knoxville-area workforce resources they need.

Our Strategy
  • Website Design

Premier Staffing Partners

Premier Staffing Partners specializes in finding, hiring, and retaining technology professionals for their client base.

Our Strategy
  • Website Design

BGT Staffing

BGT Staffing is a woman-owned staffing company that focuses on conducting services in a manner that is transparent, responsive and reliable.

Our Challenge

Create a mobile friendly website that represented the company, while also incorporating similar branding to their sister company, BGT Recruiting & Consulting, to show a relationship between the two.

Our Strategy
  • Website Design

LSM Staffing

LSM Staffing is a locally owned and operated staffing agency serving East Tennessee for over 20 years. Their longevity is a result of their ability to tailor services around their client’s specific needs, some of whom have been with them for over a decade! Because they are independently owned and operated, they have more flexibility with in-house decision making, and more importantly, the ability to build individual relations with their employees and clients.

Our Challenge

They’d been running Facebook ads with us for a few years, but their site had become out of date, and difficult to maintain. They had also tried their hand at running Google Ads, but did not have the time to fully develop its strategy.

Our Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Paid Search Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Listings Management
Key Metrics

LSM Staffing

Increase in Call Volume
Increase in Google Ads Conversion Rate
Increase in Conversions
Established In 2005

Top Rated Digital Marketing Agency

We are a USA-based digital marketing agency that focuses on the real metrics that grow a business – sales, revenue, and profit. Our success depends on whether your staffing business is getting more phone calls, it’s that simple.

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Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive online marketing strategy for the Staffing industry begins with organic search engine results. When someone in your area is searching for "Staffing" you want to make sure you are an option. Our Staffing SEO strategy will help increase your website rankings for important keywords in your market, increase website traffic, and increase phone call volume and form fills.

On-Page SEO

Using foundational on-page SEO strategies, we optimize your individual webpage content, from top to bottom, to maximize your keyword usage and other aspects.

Keyword Research

We research keywords and competitors, so we’re specifically targeting the areas that matter most to your business.

Anchor Linking

We look for broken links, and other opportunities to fix or improve your website’s internal linking structure.

Page Speed Optimization

We go through and optimize your website for desktop and mobile page speed to help improve rankings and user experience.


Website Design

Your online marketing efforts begin and end with your website. Great website design can make or break a digital marketing campaign. It’s important because your SEO depends on it, your authenticity depends on it, and your dollar depends on it. In many cases, your website is the first impression you make, and if it doesn’t stand out from the competition, or worse, if it doesn’t function properly, then you could be losing business. We’ll help you build an affordable, mobile-friendly website to accompany your digital marketing campaign.

No Long-term Contracts

Some companies make you “rent” your website. We believe you should own your website, and we don’t charge additional fees to release our work.

Simple Pricing

We are all about convenience and straightforward pricing. There are no hidden fees or sales gimmicks here. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and the cost.

No Proprietary Software

We build websites on WordPress, so you can always make changes yourself, and have the option of moving your website to another web host at any time. No hassle.

Dedicated Project Manager

Everything is done in-house, and you can meet with the person working on your website or marketing campaign at any time.

Start Marketing Your Staffing Business

Give us a call today at and let us help determine a winning digital marketing strategy that fits for your staffing business.


Paid Search Ads

One of the quickest ways to get your business at the top of a search engines results page (SERP). These ads will allow your business to be shown when people are searching for your keywords on the SERP, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Gmail, and other search partner's websites. We will strategically research keywords, build your campaigns, write creative and compelling ad copy, and actively manage your campaign by making adjustments and tweaks to improve ROI. Our pay-per-click services include both Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Bing ads.

Better Keywords

We’ll actively add negative keywords, research new opportunities, and lower cost-per-clicks.

Simple Pricing

We use simplified, transparent pricing based on ad spend so that you always know what you’re paying us.

Spying on Competitors

We actively watch the competition in your market to make sure we stay ahead.

A/B Testing

We A/B test hundreds of variations of keywords and ads to make sure we get the most profitable combination.


Social Media Management

Utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform, we can tap into many different audiences of people on Facebook and Instagram. Social Media advertising has the unique ability to not only target the right customer in the area of your choice, but it also allows social interaction between a customer and the business. People can comment, like, and share your post with other friends and family. Facebook also has the ability to use video and image ads to engage potential customers. Your customers are Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll use these platforms to reach them directly with your messaging.

Facebook & Instagram

Using Facebook’s Ads Manager, we can run ads on both Facebook and Instagram as well as tap into Facebook’s Ad Network of sites.

We’ll Take Care of It All

We’ll design custom graphics for your ads, write the copy, choose the headlines, and more. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Retargeting Website Visitors

Show your ads to recent website visitors on Facebook & Instagram to keep your brand consistently top-of-mind.

A/B Testing

We’ll A/B test many variations of headlines, copy, and imagery with your ads to make sure we get the most profitable combination possible.

How We Work Differently

Fair Terms

We don’t lock our customers into contracts they can’t leave. We only ask for 6-month agreements, and you can leave at any time if we aren’t getting results.

100% In-House

Our entire team is located here in the United States, and nothing is farmed out to a remote contractor in another country or another state.

Billing Transparency

We use easy, flat-rate, tiered pricing so you know exactly how much you’re paying us and exactlyhow much you’re paying for the ad spend.

Free Tips

Helpful Staffing Marketing Tips

5 Ways to Market a Staffing Company Online

Marketing a staffing agency can be quite difficult due to the amount of competition out there. In the U.S. alone the industry does more than $150 billion in annual revenue. There are a handful of industry giants that command a majority share of the market, making the competition for the remaining business extremely competitive.

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